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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Introduction

It went very well, introducing BLT to my kids. I didn't really have any doubts, but I didn't know what to expect. Especially from Lady Bug. She was the most attached to the X before he had his little crazy episode and she's the most hurt by his absence.

Our plan was to go to the Wild Animal Park together... but the rainy weather put a kink in our plans. We went back to my house and played Clue. Then we played some video games with the kids, we all made dinner together, and we just hung out and talked.

The evening ended with me giving the little kids a bath while BLT hung out in the living room with the older kids. It was nice. It was low key. It was comfortable.

The youngest doesn't talk to strangers. She barely talks to people she knows, she's just a very shy and quiet kind of girl (nothing like her mother, I have to admit) well even she was chatting it up within an hour of meeting the BLT. She even asked to sit next to him at dinner. That's a big thing!

TNT was very sweet and friendly, gave him a hug before she went to bed. She said several times that she thinks he's nice.

So it went well as far as first introductions go. When I thanked him for being so kind to my girls he said, "they make it easy, they're sweet girls" I'm glad that he thinks so. It's kind of important that all my favorite people can get along.

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  1. Sounds awesome! So glad to hear that it went well. :-)