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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That kid needs some a big way.

The 3rd of my four kids has ADD. I know this. As a mother, as someone who is a trained early childhood educator. I know this because one of my other children also has ADD and is very succesfully using a low dose of meds to function in a normal classroom. I know she needs meds, and I've been holding off, waiting to see if she would mature a little and learn some impulse control. Maybe become less argumentative when I could reason with her.

No... not happening. She's willfull, which on it's own I could handle. It's not like I'm not an experienced mother. It's not like I haven't worked with troubled kids. She's not troubled, she's not a bad kid. She just doesn't have any ability to moderate herself. Not her tone, her volume, her emotions, her activity level, or her behavior. She can't follow multi-step processes, can't focus on anything for more than a few minutes, and she's so moody and emotional she's making everyone around her crazy.

I hate to use medication if it's not required, but this is a necessity. I'm going to make that girl an appt. with the dr. and see if they can start her on some low dose ADD/ADHD meds as soon as possible.

That way she just might make it to see the ripe ol' age of 8 :)

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  1. Amen! I think this will make her feel better as well.