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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sleeping, Eatting, and a Workout Routine

I'm sleeping well these days, deeply and without bad dreams. I got my head shrunk a bit and realized that I just had to face a few fears head on, work them all out of my head. I had to allow myself to be okay with being afraid and talk out all the "what if" situations. I'm actually doing a lot better.

Eatting, now there is a something I'm struggling with a lot. I do well during the day: Coffee and Fruit for breakfast, fiber bar for a snack a few hours later, a Slimfast shake and more fruit or raw veggies for lunch. Then evening rolls around. I get home, and I'm hungry... then I exercise and I'm even more hungry. I end up eatting way too many calories and going to bed with a full stomach. BAD BAD BAD I know, but I seem stuck in this rut. I work twelve hour days and come home exhausted...ugh...

I need to get back into a normal workout routine. I was working out every day before the whole "divorce/moving/husband going nuts and trying to kill me/homeless/job change/moving again" thing that has been going on the past six months. We are settled into a house now. I need to get back on the wagon. I've been jogging every now and then... and doing the occasional work out tape. I need to get back to working out daily or at least several times per week. I've gained 12 lbs since July of last year, and it needs to come off... there is a statute of limitations on using "stress" as an excuse.

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  1. I'm with you. I SOOO hate when I'm not on a regular work out routine.