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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Art of Doing Nothing

Saturday and Sunday were do nothing days. I'm emotionally exhausted, physically exhausted, broke, and in near constant pain with my shoulder and foot problems from the injuries obtained that night.

So I was lazy. I slept in (REALLY slept in, like past 10 am both days) I laid in bed. I worked on a stitching project for Christmas. I watched movies, napped, and didn't cook a single meal.

I went for one walk with BLT. I cleaned my house and checked my email. I let my kids eat sandwiches for lunches and heat up left overs for dinners...they survived just fine. I didn't accomplish much, but I feel pretty good about my decision to just "be" for a whole weekend. I really needed to get myself together after the past week and the emotionally charged call to the in-laws yesterday.

Ahhh... now I get to kick my butt into gear for the rest of the week!


  1. Sometimes doing nothing is doing a lot!
    I've been fighting a bad cold and I too had a pretty low key weekend..
    Hope you're mind got some rest too...


  2. Doing "nothing" is "something". ;) Hope the week is kind to you.

    xox Beryl

  3. yep, sometimes you just need days like that, i call them recovery days... :)