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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I don't need your stinkin' money...

The in-laws informed me today that after December they will no longer be able to pay for Monkey Pants full time Kindergarten tuition. I know this is in response to me limiting their access to the kids.

I only signed up for the full time program because the Not-So-Grand parents offered to pay the tuition. Now I'm going to be left trying to find room in my scary tight budget for tuition, or I'll have to pull Monkey Pants from the program and find a free class that has room. The problem is that I live in a very tiny town. The other two part time / free classes are full. To remove her from the tuition based class means she'll likely have to change schools... that's not an option with my daycare situation. Also that would be so disruptive to her I can't imagine putting her through this kind of change.

I'm so tired of broken promises. They convinced me to get the two older kids cell phones for safety reasons, saying they would pay for them... I put the contract in my name, and never once saw any money for those bills. They promised to put money towards the ridiculously high car payment I was stuck with when the X went to jail... never saw a penny of that money either. Now they're going back on their promise to pay the tuition. I'm done being manipulated by them. I'm done letting them use money to control my choices or my behavior.

I guess it's just more proof that they don't really care what's in the best interest of the kids... it's all about them, their feelings, their pride, their perception of control and irrational need for it.

Well you know what? They can take their money and shove it. I'll figure it out on my own.


  1. Hugs, my mom has done this to me so many times in the past. So I am in the same boat I just ignore her now.

  2. SUCK. I wonder, can you talk to the kindergarten and ask them if there is anything you can do to either reduce tuition? My son's old preschool had a scholarship program, or maybe you can get on a payment plan; i.e., split up the payments. I say throw yourself on their mercy and maybe they have a way to work it out--you never know.

    Also I am stealing that WW points calculator on your blog; that is awesome.

  3. Also--I would check on the two free programs and get on their waiting lists. Seems like the beginning of the year would be a likely time for folks to be making changes--again, you never know.

    As for the disruption to MP--true, but kids adjust and she might like it even better.

  4. Allison has some great ideas there. Can't hurt to try any of them.

    Considering your ex-in-laws track record, you can't be blamed for being fed up with them. If you have no expectations of them, it makes it a lot harder to be disappointed.

    One of my 12 step program learnings - 'An expectation is a resentment waiting to happen.' Deep, I know.

  5. Well, if I recall, you knew they'd do this. Now, sit down and take responsibility for what you can. Make changes. Let some things go. Don't blame them anymore. It's ALL you, girl. You can do this. Things will work out. You're a good momma!

  6. I have to admit I'm not surprised - don't people just kill you. How did they inform you?

  7. Ugh. That really sucks. It just goes to show what kind of people they really are.