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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some People Have the DUM

Ethel and I were talking about online dating tonight.  I have never had this particular experience, and she has had some funny stories to share about ads she's seen or things she's heard of happening.  I guess one of the things that's an issue in the whole online dating world are the "scammers" as Ethel called them. People who claim to be from another country and they are looking for a way into the US. I bet it's just some sweaty dude in Chicago looking to rip off horny idiots with low self esteem and fat wallets.

I just have to ask... can a man (or woman, I guess it happens to them too) really believe that someone they've never met loves them?  I guess these women/men start a conversation and them try to develope a relationship with the goal of getting money.  It starts out all "We're soulmates..." and universally ends with "Send money to get me out of the country..." and of course these people are usually beautiful.  LOL, somehow ugly people manage to get out of Russia or Asia on their own just fine, it's only the beautiful, young, nubile people who need to be rescued!

LMAO... what kind of idiot falls for this? I mean seriously...I'm going to marry BLT and I would never ask him for money!

I guess there is a sucker born every minute!


  1. And frequently they don't intend to come to The States....they keep coming up with reasons they need more money. Kind of sad that people fall for it. Some have lost a lot of money.

  2. I had this happen a number of times, with different stories in each situation. They start off very strong, saying that they could tell from my post that I was the angel that they were looking for, and that we had a strong connection...blah blah blah. They often used their kids as a hook as well. I had one ask me to watch his kids while he went on a job assignment to China (and this was after one email note on the dating site). Most said that they were "planning to come" to the US, but "wouldn't get paid until the end of the month" or "couldn't cash their paycheck yet" or "couldn't afford the tax or fees on their ticket" or some variation on that. My response? Delete and Block! LOL