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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Animal Hoarders

I've been watching Animal Hoarders on TV today.

Someone explain WTF is wrong with these people! 150 chickens living inside your house?  What?  I mean, the cats and dogs peeing all over the place are gross enough... but chickens? Really?

And here's another one that puzzles the hell out of me.  The family is all, "Dad can you please give up the chickens? Will you agree to find them homes?"  etc.  It is CRAZY behavior to have 150 chickens inside your house... Dad obviously can't be counted on to make a rational decision for himself.

My method involves waiting until Dad leaves the house and then getting rid of all the freaking chickens! All I know is if he were my family he would have a clean house... and a freezer full of nuggets!


  1. Its such a trainwreck that I get all sucked into it. The pathology intrigues me.

  2. It's a terrible mental illness...hoarding. I'll admit that I get sucked into watching these kinds of shows from time to time but it always makes me feel bad...I can't believe that people are profiting by making tv shows about other people's mental illness...