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Monday, August 29, 2011

Being Lonely Is Not the Same As Being Alone

I get these peppy little messages from the "Universe" sent to my email every morning.  Just little blurbs to remind me to be thankful, to have faith in the greater good of people, or to believe in myself.  Positive affirmations I guess you could call them.

Well today's email contained a simple message that struck me quite deeply.  Just because one feels lonely does not mean that they are in fact alone. 

I had an Ah Ha moment.  One of the things my darling Ethel has been struggling with is loneliness, and the fear that she won't find someone to love her just the way that she is.  She is feeling lonely.... but all that means.... are you listening dear heart?  Yes YOU... the little blond one there with the funky vintage bracelet and the semi retarded Labrador...

I means that you're not paying attention to the people around you.  Your loneliness comes from a place of fear. It means that you're not taking advantage of all the people who love you, and support you.  You're not enjoying the company and companionship of the people in your life who enjoy YOU and want to participate in your life.  Just the way you are.  Every quirk, every self imagined "flaw", every strength (and there are many) and every beautiful thing that make you Ethel.

Because once you do... once you truly embrace all the love, friendship, compassion, and enjoyment of the people who choose to be in your life I can't imagine you'll have time for loneliness.  And once you've opened up your heart and fully accepted how amazing you are then love - TRUE, REAL, LASTING LOVE can also enter your world. 

Because really - until we love ourselves we aren't open to the love of someone else.  Until we know that we are worthy we don't command the kind of respect and affection we deserve.

It's easy to say.... and harder to do.  I know that.   But try and be kind and patient with yourself, and if you are feeling lonely remember to look around. There are quite a few of us who love you and want to spend time with you.


  1. Yes, exactly. I quoted it in my blog post today too. And Ethel commented!

  2. Its most difficult from 11pm - 2am. I'm trying.