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Sunday, August 21, 2011

And that's what I pay her for!

Every now and then it surprises me just how damn freaking AMAZING my lawyer is.  My X just won't get on board with the GAL for the kids that was mandated by the family courts last month.

See, X was given 60 days to communicate with his kids via letters in order to introduce himself to them. After which he was supposed to meet with a GAL for a DV and Mental Evaluation, and a plan was to be developed after the GAL's investigation so that some monitored visitation could be established in a visitation center.  This is supposedly what he wants... but all he's done is be obstructive and defiant.

In the past 30 days there has been one letter sent to each child.  That's it.  He's objected (through his lawyer) to the GAL appointed by the judge.  Then he objected to both of the following GAL's we found who met the judges criteria. There is never any basis for his objection.  Just a flat refusal to sign the papers.

He recently sent a totally inappropriate choice to us, with a snotty little note from his lawyer that she was going on vacation so we should just "check Dr. D out and see when he can start."  Assuming of course that I would just fall in line with what he wants. Like I'm going to pay my lawyer to do HIS homework.  No thanks... plus this person doesn't meet the judges criteria of being an expert in Domestic Violence, and he's a male.  My four children if you haven't guessed by now are all female.  They went through a traumatic event at the hands of their own father.  They have male trust issues, especially the youngest and the oldest.  The fact that he doesn't understand this is further proof that he just doesn't accept the ramifications of his actions.

So my lawyer... being the kick ass legal bulldog that she is just sent him what is essentially a "shit or get off the pot" letter.  He has until the 26th of August to sign the papers appointing the GAL we've found that was approved by the courts - or we'll end up back in front of the judge.  He can explain to the commissioner why he's being such an ass.

It's just nice to know that she's taking care of business for me, and that she keeps the best interest of my kids in mind at all times.


  1. She is pretty awesome. I was really impressed with her in court and I've seen a lot of of lawyers in action lately.

  2. Well damn straight you should have a bulldog on your side.

    That's awesome.

  3. I heart your lawyer.