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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Funny Stuff

* This past week I took the kids for some Hillbilly Redneck (aka free) fun down by the river.  I tossed their life jackets on them and let them splash and play in the nice cold river near our house.  Once we were walking home my little Monkey Pants looked at me and said; "I would kiss you mommy but I have River Lips!"

* There are two bulldogs at work.  The younger of the two is shall we say "greeting" BLT with a nose right to the crotch.  Charming.   When he objects my oldest looks at BLT and says; "Hey she's just saying hello... now it's your turn.  Be polite and sniff her butt!"  I couldn't help it, I laughed out loud at BLT's horrified look.  Yep, that's one classy kid I've got there! 

* One of the fine men in my tiny town called me beautiful and offered to take me home last week.  When he smiled both of his teeth looked nice.  I was sure to send BLT a text message and let him know there was some competition for my affections.   He asked me if this fine fellow was an "Urban Camper"  lol...  nope.  Not homeless, just toothless.  Yeppers, that's my demographic.  The toothless single guys just love me.

* TNT's day care teacher is having a baby this Autumn.  She told TNT that she wouldn't be back to work after the baby was born and TNT looked her right in the eye and said; "Great... and I was just starting to like you too!"  ZOINKS.... guess we better work on that verbal filter. 

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