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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Capt. Coo-Ka-Loo strikes again!

Today BLT said, "Well it appears that X is going to behave himself.  Maybe the worst is behind us." Why oh why didn't we knock on wood, toss salt over a shoulder... something to negate the joo joo we just unleashed?

 It wasn't more than an hour later that I got a call from my daycare provider.  It appears that X was upset by the bill he received for his half of the child care.

Somehow in the La La Land that X operates in he's decided that he should only pay 285.00 per month for two kids.  No idea where he pulled that number out of, but he decided that's his fair share and everyone else should just go along with it. His half of the bill for October is 315.00... yes folks, he's harassing someone over 30.00, what the hell is wrong with him? 

So instead of being rational and mature he starts to fixate...  then he starts to call.  Between the hours of 8 and 11:40 he called 7 times.  Who does that? He creeped out the poor girls at the center, and I feel terrible that my provider is feeling harassed. 

He didn't get the answer he wanted from the first two people he spoke with so he proceeded to call five more times and just hang up when the owner wasn't the one who answered.  They did the *69 thing, so they know it was him. Once the owner was available to call him back he makes vague references to having his lawyer deal with the "Icky Sticky Legal Issues" as he called them.  What is there to deal with? You owe half - no matter how much it is. Suck it up, and send the poor woman her payment.

The other issue at hand is the fact that on two occasions the provider has informed him that she does not want to deal with him directly. She told him once, and sent him a letter informing him that she chooses to only deal with him via email.   So he really does need to leave this poor woman alone.

For the love of baby Jesus... he can't even exhibit a little bit of self control when he knows that the GAL and therapists have his behavior under scrutiny.  Why can't he just behave himself?

Oh ya... because he's a freakin' whack job! Part man child, part deranged felon...  that's right....

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