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Friday, September 9, 2011

FALLing in Love!

Oh it's my favorite time of the year!  I love everything about Autumn. 

My birthday is this season, as are three of my four kids!

I love cold misty mornings, and clear afternoons.  I love the colors - my favorite color is red, followed closely by yellow and chocolate brown so Ohh Laa Laa I adore Autumn themed decor.  I have a vast collection of warm fuzzy sweaters I can't wait to dig out.

I love... love... and I repeat love snuggling on the couch on a rainy weekend day with my kids reading books and drinking hot apple cider.  I have a vast number of fuzzy, warm, comfy, and hand made blankets - so there are plenty to go around!

I love the schedule that being back in school provides.  I like hearing how excited they are at the end of the school day to sit around the dinner table and play the "1 thing that I learned today" game. 

My all time favorite holiday is Halloween!  Yes, I am the adult who wears a costume, and I decorate my whole house up! I love everything about handing out treats and taking pictures of the kids in costume. I love the spooky movies on t.v. - but more the cute, cheesy, or just slightly spooky ones. I hate slasher films... yuck!

I love planting mums by my front door, and taking walks in the rain around my little town.

I wait all year long for the Fair to come to town.  We have one of the countries top ten largest (I think we're number 3) state fairs.  It's all about the food, the rides, the shows, the people watching.  The crafts and the animal exhibits.  I like the games you can never win, and the face painting.  I love the vendors and the live music!  I like to go twice - once with the kids to focus on the rides and all the fun stuff they like to do, and then once - as a date night to soak in the unique food, the vendors, and see the fairgrounds bathed in the neon glow of twinkling lights. 

Then there is the baking and Thanksgiving...  two more fantastic reasons to love Autumn.  Really I can't think of a single bad thing.  Sure there is rain - but I live in the Pacific Northwest.... there's always rain!  Sure it gets dark outside sooner, that's just one more reason to stay inside with the kids and play card games!  Sure it's starting to get cold outside,  but that just means more cute sweaters and boots!

So what's your favorite season?  Or your favorite part of Autumn?  Anyone else out there just dying to rake leaves, or am I the only crazy one?

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