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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Now that's just F-U-N-N-Y

My mother placed an online order with Walmart for Equate Stop Smoking Lozenges.

What showed up was Extenze Male Enhancement pills.

My dad opened the package for her and gave her the "stink eye" as he asked what the hell she ordered THAT for?! 

My mom and I had to pick ourselves up off the floor we were laughing so hard. 

My poor dad... no sympathy at all from us...  Hehe.

My mom sends an email to Walmart Customer Service that says:

In regards to the order I recently placed:  I ordered Equate Stop Smoking Lozenges.  What I received today was Extenze Male Enhancement Pills.  While I'm sure this will help certain cravings - these pills will not, in fact, curb what ails me.  As a 55 year old woman I don't believe I have a need for this item.  Can you please help me return this erroneous shipment?

HAHAHAHAHA...  again, I laughed hard enough to nearly pee.   Oh lordy sometimes life is just FUNNY!

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