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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An old man smell...

As we are leaving the in laws house on Sunday Lady Bug and I both step in dog pooh... lovely...

Of course I'm several blocks down the road before we are all gagging and checking our shoes.  We find the culprits and get the shoes scrapped off in the grass, but the smell lingered and was HORRID.

My oldest says, "Mom, your car smells like crap"  over and over - making really dramatic gagging noises and faces.  Unable to take any more I pull over at a little pharmacy run in.  I grab the first air freshener I lay my hands on.

It was a black and yellow hibiscus flower and it was called, "Midnight Oasis" or something like that.  In case you were wondering - Midnight Oasis smells like funky old man's cologne.

It only took two or three minutes before the oldest pipes up from the backseat again; "Great... now your car smells like an old guy crapped his pants."

This time the gagging and faces were being made by myself.  *Sigh...*

Thanks kid....

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