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Monday, May 10, 2010

This and That

1. I pulled down all the wallpaper in the kitchen and painted it Dragon's Breath. Which is actually a lovely mossy green. Not too much blue, not too much yellow. Almost like vintage Jadeite glassware. I love it.

2. I forgot to pull up my long hair...and while the color is fantastic on the wall my Dragon's Breath green locks are not so cute. Lesson learned!

3. Four days until my BLT arrives. I'm full of nervous energy and excitement. I have a to-do list a mile long and I doubt I'll get to it all before he arrives, but at least I'm too busy to sit and fixate on his arrival. Last time he came I had so much nervous energy I ironed my king sized sheets. It took me two hours, lol.

4. I love me some Netflix... that is all... I just simply lurv it.

5. Damn I need to see my waxer. I have an appt. for Wednesday, but really... I'm in a bad way. Gooooonie Goo Goo... not attractive!

6. I dozed in bed the other morning watching a Blue Jay in the tree outside my bedroom window and I realized I feel content. It's been so long since I was simply content with my life that I had to think about it a minute. It was an "ah haaaa...I remember this feeling! I like this feeling!" sort of moment. I'm looking forward to having more of them. I have faith that my future days will bring more contentment and less conflict.


  1. Contentment is a very good thing. :)Glad to hear it!

    I have two more sleeps until CBG is here!! :)Isn't anticipation great?

  2. Beautiful. I can't wait to read about his arrival.

    Come on weekend....

  3. 1.) Can't wait to see it
    2.) This makes me giggle
    3.) I'm excited for you.
    4.) Amen!
    5.) I need to get brave and find a waxer
    6.) Beautiful! You've come a long way baby!