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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Making Room for Him

As I am unpacking my numerous belongings and finding homes for all my crap (I mean TREASURES!) I'm making a conscious effort to leave room for BLT. I've never been in this position before. When my X and I got married and moved in together we moved to our own apartment. Each bringing our few belongings, and we then acquired "stuff" as a married couple.

I've never invited someone into MY space. I've never had to consider how much drawer space he'll need, or what side of the closet he might like.

I bought a lovely little wall mounted bedside lamp for reading, only I can't hang it yet because I don't have any clue what side of the bed he'll prefer. We seem to always swap back and forth depending on what we're doing immediately before we fall asleep. I don't even think he has a preference, but it would be my luck I would hang the lamp and then he would want to be on that side, lol.

I've cleaned out a shelf in the medicine cabinet, and I left the cupboard under the sink empty for any of his toiletries. I cleaned out one side of the closet, left half of the attic empty, I even managed to clear out a drawer in my dresser...I think I'm all set.

I feel ready. I am excited for him to arrive on Friday night. I go see my waxer tomorrow, and then I'll come home and do a little self mani-pedi to purty up the digits and toss some dark brown dye on these roots to cover those pesky grey's that have started to show up at my temples.

All I can do now is wait, and work, and try not to fixate! Easier said than done I'm afraid!


  1. Sounds awesome! Anticipation is fun. I like getting all purtied up before one of CBG's visits. :-)

  2. So exciting! It sounds like you've accomplished quite a bit this week! The countdown begins...

  3. Wow! Anticipation and excitment all over the place. Have fun!

  4. Wow, this is BIG!! How sweet that you're physically making room... which will positively influence your relationship emotionally, no doubt.

    Although I'm getting re-married, we haven't really figured the whole moving in thing yet. Kind of funny, perhaps?