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Monday, April 26, 2010

Patience? I aint gots none!

I'm playing the waiting game. All these great things are on the verge of happening for me...I just have to be patient and let them all play out as they will. I'm possibly the most impatient person alive, I know this about myself. It's one of my issues that I struggle with on a regular basis. So I think I'm a little hard to live with these days. I apologize family and friends, I'm honestly not trying to be difficult and weird.

I want what I want, yesterday please!

I'm waiting to get the signed papers from X. I'm waiting to get the papers to sign for my lovely cottage so I can move it. I'm waiting to see when BLT will be able to come up here and be with me. I'm waiting to see if TNT will respond well to her new ADHD meds, and if life will be easier together. I'm waiting for the amazing Farm Chicks Show in June that Ethel and I will be going to.

On the BLT front there's been a recent, exciting development. My family owns a business, and they've asked to see BLT's resume. When he came up last month he went to work with me for the day, and he liked it. He would love to leave the company he's currently working for, and learn a trade skill that will enable him to have a different type of career. Plus we can afford to pay him a little more, he would have weekends off, and well, to be honest, I think he's hoping I'll sexually harass him at work...just a bit! :)

So anyway, he's sending in his resume tomorrow morning to the big boss man (my dad) and he'll make a decision as to whether or not he wants to do a phone interview with BLT or not after he calls his references and checks him out. I'm thinking it's going to work out, they would work well together. Plus we desperately need help, full time strong manly man type help.

SOOOO... waiting, waiting, waiting. And trying not to make everyone around me nuts while I do it. I need to learn to meditate or something. Not sure it would help though. I think being an impatient ass is part of my particular charm! LOL!

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  1. Well you are charming but it wouldn't kill you to work on the patience thing ;). *smooches*