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Monday, February 8, 2010

To Valentine, or not to Valentine

I can't believe how long I labored over the decision to either send the BLT a little something for Valentine's Day or not. I didn't really celebrate Vday with my X, and I don't want BLT to think he needs to send me something, that I'm sitting here EXPECTING something.

We will be seeing each other, but the weekend after the "holiday". I don't want to seem pushy, or seem like I expect gifts from him. In all honesty I get really uncomfortable with the idea of him buying me things. I don't let him pay for my meals when I visit. I don't let him purchase my plane tickets. I don't want to be that girl who demands things, and I'm determined to be self sufficient. I don't have a good history with the whole gift giving / receiving thing. With the X there were always strings attached. If he gave me anything he made me feel guilty later. He gave me a trip, but for months afterwards he called me selfish for going and leaving the kids with him. It just got to the point where we didn't exchange gifts. Not for birthdays, Christmas, Vday or anything like that. I did stuff for the kids of course, but not for each other.

So... I decided to send something, because I don't know if he was expecting or hoping for something. BUT, I didn't want it to be some grand, romantic, cheesy gesture that would make him uncomfortable. I decided to send him the "Big Book of Star Wars Coloring Pages" lol. He's a star wars junkie, and he went to art school. Plus he's kinda a big kid at heart. I sent a Dora the Explorer one for his little girl and a set of crayons for both of them. I added in his favorite chocolate covered espresso beans and some candies for the Fraggle too.

HE LOVES IT!! Yay, I got it right, just the right combo of something thoughful and something fun, but not expensive. I got a call, "you're the sweetest thing ever" He didn't realize that he told me once about the espresso beans. He was impressed I remembered and he loves that I sent him something to do with the Fraggle. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!


  1. Yeah, you need to let him buy you some dinner lady.

    I'm sorry your past relationship ruined some of this stuff for you. It can be romantic and gentlemanly if you let it.


  2. I've been told I need to relax and just let him spoil me little if he's so inclined. I just don't want to get my hopes up that something will happen and be let down later. I hate that feeling.