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Monday, February 1, 2010

The joys of dealing with Social Services

I told my mother that dealing with DSHS (dept. of social and health services) is like smacking your head against a concrete wall in hopes of getting a free bandaid.

I just want health insurance for my kids. One of them has asthma, the other needs monthly meds I can't afford. I qualify since the X lost his mind, lost his freedom, lost his job, and no longer provides them with squat, much less with health insurance.

So I've been on the phone all day... trying to figure out why the medical cards I just got in the mail say that my prefered provider is over an hour and a half from my house. WTF? Why would they assign us there?

Plus I have gotten paperwork today that says they'll take away all our bennefits if they don't get this information back by the 10th. But when you call the number they provide you it says they have too high of call volumes and you have to call back, then it disconnects me. How do I get the information to them then?

UGH... I just feel beaten up by the system. Not assisted by it in any way.


  1. :( Here's to hoping you find your resolution to this, and quickly!

  2. Very frustrating! These services are supposed to make your life easier but it really makes you wonder who's running them and if they have the vaguest idea of what their customers are going through.