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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feelin' Sassy

I bought leather pants... ya leather. What am I thinking? I am going to visit the BLT for the weekend in a couple weeks and I like to get the whole "jaw dropping" effect when I walk off the plane. So far it's worked.

He told me the other night, "I love to see you come down that escalator, it's like a gift you can't wait to unwrap but you don't wanna rip the paper all at the the same time"

LoL I even showed up once in nothing but a red trench coat with some hubba hubba lingerie underneath. Of course I had clothes on while on the plane,lol, I changed in the rest room before I went down to meet him. He was suitably impressed by this - cliche or not.

Well this time I have the HAWTEST purple and black silk bustier and a pair of black leather pants with my favorite stiletto heels. Being a guitarist in a metal band, I think he'll totally dig the sexy rock and roll vibe I've got going on. And I won't lie...I look damn freakin' sexy all cinched into that bustier.

I'm feeling all girly and excited to see him, I think this should be a winner!

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