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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's New Pussycat?

Hello bloggidy friends! I've been away a little while. Lots of fun and not so fun stuff going on in my world.

First...KIDNEY STONES ARE THE SUCK... and yes, I'm yelling! Since Saturday evening I've been suffering with what I'm thinking are kidney stones. I've looked it up online and all the symptoms match, and today I'm finally feeling a bit better (but peeing out gravel is NOT even remotely comfortable.) but even feeling better leaves me weak, shaky, and feeling like I've been sucker punched in the back.

I spent the weekend with Ethel at the Farm Chicks show in Spokane. It was amazing!! I picked up a vintage mirror, an old desk fan, a tiny Baby Ben clock, some hankies, a train case for TNT, a quilted bed spread for Monkey Pants, a mirrored vanity tray for Chef, and a necklace made from an old scrabble tile for Lady Bug. I also found a giant wooden letter from my name in chippy white paint that I love ever so much! Add to that a few other odds and ends and it was a very successful thrifting expedition! Too bad it ended with me thinking I was going to die on the way home Sunday!

Well I got my divorce papers in the mail. While reading over them my parents noticed the part X wrote in about wanting the washer and dryer back. My parents were outraged, and they decided to help me get a new washer and dryer right away. This will avoid him being able to try and use this against me, to cause trouble, or god forbid if they broke while in my "custody" he could try and sue me for a new set. So it's done. I called his family and let them know a friend was headed their way with his stupid washer and dryer and it was their problem to store it for the next nine months until Capt. Crazypants gets out of jail. I mean really... they were willing to pay for the divorce lawyer who wanted to screw me over, I think they can pay for the storage unit to put his appliances in. Seems fair to me! My new set is AMAZING, and it's sooo quiet. In the end I'm happier and it's one less thing he has to try and manipulate me with later. He can't claim I didn't follow the letter of the law and return them, in working order, in a timely fashion.... screw him. He can have the dumb things.

Speaking of my parents, they decided that the kids and I deserved a little weekend away someplace fun, and they got us a very generous gift certificate for a weekend away at a local lodge and water park. It is someplace the kids have always wanted to go, so we are really looking forward to the adventure once school is out.

So life moves forward... BLT and I are great. I am thrilled to wake up to him each morning. I don't know what I would have done w/o him here the past couple of days. He's fixed the kids dinner, taken care of the yard work and helped out putting the little kids' beds together for me. He's been a real trooper through it all. I love him just a little more each day when I see his kindness to my kids, or his sense of humor with my parents, or his amazing work ethic.

The kids are ready for summer vacation. I'm ready for some sun finally. We are happy, we are all healthy, and we are looking forward to having some new adventures this year!

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  1. What an awesome happy post!! (Sorry to hear about the kidney stones but glad you're moving past it.)

    So thrilled for your summer plans! Glad you have your man with you. :)