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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That's Life

I have been having an interesting week so far. BLT got home on Monday afternoon. I was SO excited for him to get in that work just dragged by that day. I got home, and he was napping in bed. It was clear he missed me as much as I missed him. I've never been with anyone before who can turn me on with just a look. It doesn't matter if we live together now or not. Four days apart and you would think we hadn't made love in weeks. It was frantic and passionate and still sweet and tender all at the same time. I'm constantly amazed at the range of emotion he can draw out of me.

The newest drama in my life is that my car is in the shop as of Tuesday morning because I no longer have properly working power steering.... that will cost me $355.00 bucks I don't have.

Lady Bug has a Dr. appt. in the morning, and I have an appointment for my bikini wax on Friday evening, so being without a car for "several days, not exactly sure how long it'll take to get the parts in" is very inconvenient. BLT and I carpooled today, but his vehicle isn't large enough for all the kids so we were shuffling quite a bit.

I went and picked up a rental car, wow...what a piece of crap that thing is. All I can afford is the super economy version so ya... it's neither big enough, nor is is comfortable in any sense of the word - but at least I can get to our appointments this week and BLT doesn't miss more work playing chauffeur.

I went running today and it was good! Walked .25 of a mile, then ran 2 full miles, and then walked almost another .25 to cool down before walking home. My foot held up really well, and my knee is only moderately sore.

I came home, made spaghetti for dinner, had some very fun and very dirty shower sex with BLT and I feel fan-freakin-tastic. Like a crazy lady I'll be getting up early to work out before work tomorrow. BLT wants to loose a few pounds and he thinks getting up early will be easier for him than being motivated after I'll support his endeavor and get up with him at the ass crack of dawn to work out before we get the kids up and head to work. Now that is love....

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful life.... even in spite of the little troubles... Enjoy!