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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A good man is hard to find

Seriously... it seems that a good, hardworking, kind man is national treasure. Even my married friends are not very happy these days. It's like an epidemic of inconsideration. I look at my parents, and I know in my heart that two people can love each other their whole lives.... and yet I see so many marriages around me falling apart. I see so many dad's not living up to their responsibilities to their wives, or their kids, or themselves. They take the easy way, or they spend more time complaining about being unhappy than doing anything about it.

I am blessed, with a capital B, to have my dad in my life. I was a year old when my parents met - it was a blind date. He came to my mom's place for dinner and pretty much never left. Mom says it was her meatloaf, dad says it was me :)

He is a strong man, a loving man, a hardworking man. He is also a stubborn ass on occasion, but that's because he's a real father and not a television sitcom dad. He isn't perfect, but he's amazing none the less. This past year he's held us up with his love, support, and faith that there is something better out there for the girls and I. He's given me everything in his power to give, and never asked for anything but my love in return.

I really wish my kids had a father like that, but they simply don't. I can't see him having some sudden revelation while in prison either. He's lazy. He doesn't like to get his hands dirty, literally and figuratively. He even said to Ethel last year, "I never wanted kids, I just agreed to have them to make her happy." This was right before he told Ethel our children weren't enough to live for... what an asshole!

My children are lucky to have Uncle Fred though. He's Ethel's hubby, and my kids love him like family. They are also lucky enough to have my brother, my father, and another grandpa in their life to be positive male role models. BLT has been wonderful to them. He's kind, he's involved, he listens and hangs out with them, but he also calls them out when they misbehave. He backs me up when I need it, and he doesn't put up with the kids being disrespectful. I love this about him. He tempers his low key, good time "friend" mode with a strong male, no funny business mode when necessary. I actually find it very sexy to be honest.

BLT went back home for four days. He's going to spend Father's Day with his own father and his child. He's hanging out with friends, and getting the last load of his stuff left in storage. It's a little break from each other and some personal time for him. I've missed him like crazy, and I've thought about him a lot today. He's a wonderful father, son, friend, and boyfriend.

I can't wait for him to get home Monday night... as the saying goes; A good man is hard to find, but a hard man is good to find! I bought some sexy undies for his return. I plan on showing him just how much I love and appreciate him! Oh baby, only 24 hours and he'll be home!


  1. Nice tribute! You're very fortunate!

  2. Yes, a good man IS hard to find! I'm glad that you have one in a father and bf, and that your kids seem to have many other positive male role models in their lives.