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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Protests, Pre-teens, and Permission Slips

Just a few random thoughts for today...

1. I don't really have a desire to discuss politics here, but I will share that after Therapy on Tuesday night Chef and I passed three lonely little Protesters outside a tiny branch of US Bank in a residential neighborhood.  One was clearly drunk, one was looking bored, and one was yelling angry Anti-Wall Street rhetoric.  My 14 year old asks why they were there.  We had a brief discussion about the issues at hand and protesting in general.  Chef, in the very matter of fact way she sees the world says, "So somehow drinking in front of a closed bank at nine o'clock at night is going to get you a job?  What is wrong with people... go home...  Oh, and why was his sign so ugly? I mean, he obviously has time on his hands. Couldn't he make a nicer sign?" 

I guess when you're 14 the aesthetics of your message are as important as the message itself, *giggle*  and she does have a bit of a point.  Manning a protest of three (well really 2 and a half since the one dude was so obviously more interested in whatever was in the brown paper bottle he was swiggin' than the injustices of the world) outside a teeny tiny bank in the middle of nowhere isn't going to accomplish much.

2.  I got a call at work today.  It was a cacophony of screaming and squealing.  See... Thing 1 had hidden a book from Thing 2.  Thing 2 wanted said book, as well as to raid Thing 1's herb supply.  Why?  Well obviously is was because Thing 2 intended to perform some kind of magical spell...  ??.... confused? Yes I was too.  Thing 1 apparently tackled Thing 2 during the whole bizarre exchange and embarrassed Thing 2 in front of a friend. 

My answer... "Are you on fire? No... okay.  Are you being abducted?  No... well that's good.   Now go do your homework. Stay out of the freaking Oregano, clean your room, and when that's done you can log onto Netflix and find some movie with teen aged vampires sucking on each other. Don't call me back unless it's an actual emergency.  LOOOOOVE YOU!!!"

3. Can someone explain to me why my four kids wait until I'm leaving for work to all bombard me with papers to sign?  I ask the night before.  I swear I do, and nobody needs me for anything.  But by the light of day - and at the point that my car is started and I've got one foot out the door - suddenly everyone need a permission slip to go to the petting zoo, their reading log signed, or a note to excuse them from swimming because my teen aged daughter is under the impression that tampons are the work of the devil. 

Some days I just wonder if I'm the only one with a life like this....

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