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Friday, October 7, 2011

Girl Time

Good lordy did I need some grown up time.  With the help of some baby oil, a crow bar, and a prayer I wedged my ass into some leather pants and my cute red heels.  I was feeling pretty damn good about myself actually. 

I had such a great time with my girl friends.  We hit a piano bar where the drinks and food were good...but the piano player/comedian act was not so hot.  He's one of those older guys who isn't witty, isn't handsome, and isn't overly clever.  He tried too hard.  Plus - I just don't dig Neil Diamond.  BLECH!

We left there and decided to partake of the fun at a local casino.  Plenty of restaurants, dancing without any cover charge, several bars, a sweets shop, and some slot machines.  All in all fun was ours for the taking!

That is of course until I got home all hot and sweaty from dancing and had to try and peel those pants off.... lol... not to mention the little blisters on my toes from my dancin' shoes!  Ouch... but totally worth it :)


  1. Was soooo much fun. To bad foreman got the message too late to join us ;). Girl time is the best!