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Monday, October 10, 2011

Too Heavy to Carry, Too Heavy to Put Down...

I'm really struggling right now. I'm exhausted emotionally, financially depleted, and sick with worry and anxiety.

My lawyer sent a letter on Friday stating that she will drop my case if I don't get $7800.00 to her by the end of the month. Where am I supposed to get that kind of cash?

My X has made it clear that he intends to litigate to the fullest extent possible - he doesn't care if it screws over the kids, just as long as I suffer in the process. My current council does not want to keep accepting small payments, she wants payment in full for past services and an additional 2K as a new retainer.

If I loose legal representation I'll get screwed royally in court. His dirty lawyer has tried so many sneaky, shady maneuvers that my lawyer caught and deflected. Things I would have no idea how to handle. I can't face them alone in court and my X is determined to get out of Child Support and gain custody of my kids.

I can't sleep, haven't eaten much since Friday, and I have constant nausea. Ethel summed it up perfectly; "your burden is too heavy to carry, and too heavy to put down".

This is my kid's safety at stake... My financial future is already destroyed. The only thing I'll fight with him over are my children and I'm goin' down swingin'!!


  1. And luckily you aren't in this ring alone. Baby if I have to wash cars in a bikini on the side of the road in won't lose that lawyer ;).

    Swingin with ya,

  2. Wow, now ^^ that's a friend!

    I'll keep you in my prayers!

  3. Hon maybe you could get a personal loan? Or like, some type of ... I dunno, remortgage? Charge card? :( Ugh this sucks, I'm prayin too!!