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Monday, June 13, 2011

That "Love" word

I wonder sometimes if  saying something too much takes away it's power.  Words like love and hate are thrown around as though they have no meaning. 

I find that I say all the time, "I love those shoes" or "I am so in love with this cake".  Does it take away from it's strength then when I tell BLT or my children that I love them?  Surely what I feel for my kids and the man I'm sharing my life with is much deeper than the appreciation I have for cake or footwear!

The same goes for the word Hate.  There is only one person I hate.  There is only one person who's ever done my children and I so much harm, physically and emotionally that he instantly gets nothing but venom and disgust from me.  I don't want to lump any other person or thing in the same category as that worthless piece of crap.

I think I need to be more mindful of the words I say.  I feel like I need to choose more carefully so that when I say "I love you" it has real meaning.


  1. By and large, I agree whole heartedly with your view. Now, there are statements like "I love gumbo" or any other object (shoes, purses, puppies . . .) where maybe "love" can't be considered over used.

    But when dealing with people, especially those we DO love, I think overuse can cheapen the sentiment. It can get to be so automatic that there is no sincerity behind it.

    Hate is a word I just try to avoid using - although the phrase "I hate flat tires on my bike" just can't get overused.

  2. I tend to agree for the most part. I know I over use both but since there are different levels of "love" I don't worry so much about context there or that the word will lose its power.

    Hate. *sigh* Hate is a word I know I use too much, "I hate this traffic!" etc and so on. When really, I don't truly hate much in this life. There is only one person who has tipped himself into my hate file. I'm not interested in forgiveness where he is concerned.

    LOve ya! YEs, really really LOVE ya :).