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Saturday, June 11, 2011

So much to say, not enough energy to say it.

I'll use bullet points here because it's just been a hell of a week.

* My Ex sent a nasty letter through his lawyer threatening to have me sued for parental interference. He is claiming that I am coaching my children to tell the judge that they don't want to see him.  This is, I swear on my life, 100% false. 

This same letter claims that I am harassing him... and that I've arranged for my family to harass him.  That he has been under surveillance, that my family are "conduits of information" between us and that I'm trying to trick him into violating his restraining order.  Not a single bit of it is true.  But in order to defend myself I have to send in copies of phone records to prove no calls have been made. I have to gather statements from therapists that the kids aren't coached, and I have to pay my lawyer to defend RIDICULOUS allegations.  I want nothing more in this life than to have that man as far away from me as possible.  My family has had zero contact with him.   It's all just lies and vague accusations w/o any proof to back it up.  But I'm bankrupting myself trying to defend against his stupid lies and that in turn hurts my kids.

* Lady Bug turns 12 on Thursday.  We are having a little birthday BBQ  for her tomorrow. We are also heading to the movies to see the new X men.

* Lady Bug also has to have her tonsils and adenoids removed the day before her birthday.  She won't be a very happy camper this year... poor kid.  We are working like crazy to get all her school work done and turned in ahead of time since she'll miss the last week of school.

* We are CRAZY busy at work

* Monday I have to go to the Kindergarten graduation ceremony for Monkey Pants.  I can't believe Kindergarten is over already!

*  I started running again this week.  I managed to fit in two runs, 3.3 miles and then 3.65 miles.  I'm slow as hell, but I got it done.  I also got in a bike ride tonight.  It was a perfectly cool night, and it's so relaxing to go around my sweet little town on my bike to relax after dinner.

* I've sketched out some quilting projects I want to get started soon.  This will give me plenty of time to get them done before Christmas.

* I found out Friday that my health insurance was accidentally canceled...BACK IN APRIL!! Not a single notice that there was a problem until June 10th.  Good Lord, way to be on top of things!  It took nearly an hour on the phone to figure out what had happened and get the auto payment set back up.  It should be retroactive once they get the payment situation smoothed out, but it was stressful dealing with the ridiculous insurance company.

* I bought my dad and BLT tickets to a Mariner's game in July.  They will be their Father's Day gifts.  My mom went in on them with me.  We got them 25 rows back from the field, right over 1st base.  Should be great seats! I think they'll like them since they had a great time at a game in Arizona when they were traveling on a business trip.  I like that my two favorite men enjoy spending time together. 

There have been tons of little issues this week...  some good, some bad...  it's all just blurred together into one long, exhausting week that I was happy to see the end of.

Onto bigger and better things...


  1. But I had fun hangin with you today! And tomorrow with the birthday girlies should be fun :).

  2. Very true! This weekend has been really fun :)

  3. .....and you gots this. He has nothin!

    Funny, the security word was blest.

  4. Those are monster runs for getting back into running.

    With the ex - is there any way to show that his charges are frivolous (cheap ass unfounded lies) and force him to pay for court time AND recoup your additional lawyer costs? I'm ignorant in these things, but that sure would be the fair way to do it.

    Or I could just club him like a seal. Which ever.