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Monday, June 27, 2011

2 steps forward, 1 step back

Apparently the X's skeezy, sleazy lawyer convinced a judge that my children are in emotional distress because I'm keeping them from a father they are desperate to see.  For the record, none of them want to see him and I've got a therapist who will attest to as much under oath, who will in fact testify that it's not in the kids best interest to have anything other than very limited, and monitored access to him at this point. They aren't ready yet.

However, apparently I'll be in court in three weeks so that my X can plead his case to the judge for visitation. 

All I can do is hope that the judge recognizes how dangerous he still is and keeps my kids safety in mind.  I also hope she/he sees through all the lies and poor me victimization that the X is throwing around in an attempt to seem more sympathetic.

While I'm making wishes I'll toss one in there for control of my PTSD symptoms and anxiety during  all of this.   When we show up in court next month I want to appear calm, cool, and collected.  No tears - no outbursts, no anxiety.  I don't want to give him the pleasure of seeing me in distress.

Breathing Deeply,


  1. Nope. Not a step back, a standing of ground. You won't be alone.

  2. Maybe sooner is better. Take along all that documentation you mentioned earlier and it's possible you could put an end to all this crap now.

    That would be sooooo sweet.

  3. *ugh* Many hugs to you, friend. I hope everything goes well for you. No one should have to put up with this.

  4. Stay strong lady. You've got it in you!!