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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Getting What You Asked For... again.... a.k.a. Karmas a Bitch

So this is a reoccurring theme in my life lately.  I really do think, that at some point, one eventually gets what they ask for, or maybe it's just what we deserve.  Some claim that Karma steps in, or maybe it's just fruits of one's labors... both positive AND negative.  Whatever you want to call it - I've seen this rule in effect many times over the past couple  of years.

Well this time ol Karma stepped up and spanked my craptastic X like a wayward child.  BOOM BABY... back to the corner!  It seems  that ol Mr. X asked for a change of venue in an attempt to punish me financially, as well as speed up this ridiculous custody battle he's brought to my doorstep.  Well we just got our paper work from the court and court date was set...  they can squeeze us in...

are you ready?  It's good...

Wait for it....

(yes I'm giggling and rubbing my hands together in fiendish delight)

MAY 2012

I really am laughing my ass off here people.  He has to wait nearly a year to even plead his case! See this is what happens when you try to play games with the court. He thought he was SO smart.  He thought he could harass me and scare me into signing some b.s. document that gave him access to my kids.  He wants custody but refuses to get any mental health treatment, or even acknowledge that he went to jail for a DV charge.  He's still trying to convince the court that he's some kind of victim. 

So anyway - lots of legal maneuvering this past week has kept me away from my computer.  It's exhausting trying to wade through the hundreds of pages of legal  documents and respond to all of the allegations, lies, and plain ol' just crazy bullshit that he sends my way.  This last packet was over 100 pages.  My lawyer was able to get all of the documents from the SWAT team and sheriffs dept. from his arrest.  There are emails from his coworkers where they told the HR dept at his place of employment that he was threatening to kill me and himself.  This was sent to them in the first week of September.  On September 13th he brought that gun to my house and threatened to shoot me.   TWO WEEKS he planned it all out, bought the gun etc.  Premeditated - clear as day.

There is no way he can continue to claim that the events of that night were a "sudden, rash lapse of judgement with very little forethought" as he's been claiming in his depositions to family court.  I have witness statements, the receipt for the gun purchased the week before, and a transcript of the negotiators conversations with him where he admits to being a "planner" and explains he waited all week for the chance to do this.

He's an idiot... and when we get to court next year he'll find out exactly how much the court dislikes both liars, as well as abusers.  The kids and I are breathing a HUGE sigh of relief.  For the next 11 months he can just cool his jets and wait for his day in court, and the kids and I? Well we are might busy enjoying this life we've built for ourselves.  So I'm not going to spend any more time than I have to worrying about this... that's what I'm bankrupting myself by paying my lawyer for.  It's her job to deal with all this stuff.  The kids and I plan on enjoying our summer.

Karma baby... she's a lover and a hater both...I'm glad I'm on her good side this time!


  1. *BIG GRIN* Looking forward to the fourth of july, we shall crack open a couple beers for a toast. Or maybe we can get all fancy with our selves and drink some boxed wine ;).

    Love you. I'm so excited to enjoy this summer now that the weather is finally getting nicer. We should do a picnic at that big ole state park near you :).

  2. What, no clubbing? I suppose it's for the best.

    Sounds like you have your ducks in order and are prepared to rip the a new one. Maybe he should ditch the lawyer and hire a doctor to fit him for a colostomy bag!!