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Monday, May 30, 2011

I have faith.

Today I took a long walk.  I mean LONG here people... nearly two hours!! I was talking to Ethel and lost track of time... that happens a lot. We spend quite a bit of time chatting about relationships, men, kids, and life in general. Sometimes we're bitching, some times we're commiserating.  Sometimes we're just being idiots. 

While I was walking I saw a little old couple ahead of me.  They are moving in that slow, leisurely way of people who aren't in any rush to get anywhere in particular.  They are talking, heads bent towards each other, walking in step - a rhythm that they probably aren't even aware of.  He stops and picks a blue bell from out of the rocks, beside the road and he hands it to her.  She actually blushes a little... or maybe it's the cool wind, but I prefer to think that he's responsible for the pink in her cheeks.  She takes the flower in one hand, and his weathered hand in her other.  They continue their walk and she leans her head on his shoulder for a moment. 

It was so sweet.  So pure and lovely.   It gives me faith in love.

Earlier in my walk I came to the end of a long dirt road.  The road ends in a field.  There in the grass is a Momma deer and the tiniest baby deer I've ever seen.  It couldn't yet stand very well... all wobbly legs and knobby knees.  I was too far away to get a decent picture, and I could tell my presence was making Momma Deer very uncomfortable. She was trying to use her body to shield the baby and her ears were flat back against her head.

I decided, rather than linger for my own enjoyment, to leave as quietly as possible back down the road I had taken in.

Once again, so sweet and natural and just lovely.  It gives me faith in renewal and growth.

It's been quite a lovely day all around. 


  1. Man, I'm such a girl. This post made me all misty. Of course I got to hear how excited you were when you saw the baby deer. I clearly need to go walking with you out in the boonies.

  2. Made me all misty too. Heh.

    I love to see love all around me!