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Thursday, May 5, 2011

HNT Share

I'll share a secret... I hate, HATE my stomach.  So in an effort to be more accepting of my body here is this weeks HNT (Half Naked Thursday) photo.

Four kids in six years - gaining and then loosing nearly 60 lbs, and a lapriscopic surgery left me with a tummy I would rather hide under bulky layers than show off.... but here it is.... 

Oh and the photo is in black and white because I'm playing with the settings on my new iPhone App, lol!


  1. I think you look fine, fine, fine. Cute belly button too.

    The pressure the fashion & cosmetic industries exert on women is friggin ridiculous - and they know it. But it's how they sell shit. We could all benefit from relaxing a bit and just try to get & stay healthy rather than try for some ad execs idea of perfection.

  2. Look at you with the cheeky boob shot! Love it.

  3. That's a beautiful shot. Truly. Love it!!