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Monday, May 16, 2011

My favorite Tee

I found this top in a sale bin at the thrift store... On the back is a little devil's tail....  *giggle*  Maybe I should have put on a bra before I took the picture!? Hey I never claimed to be a classy girl!


  1. Now you can't be complaining if guys are staring at your chest when you wear that. They're just trying to make out what the logo is.

    I was staring long after I figured out what it said. Feel free to slap me :)

  2. LOL,

    I would never deny a guy (or myself for that matter) the right to oggle. Long live the freedom to appreciate the opposite sex! :P

  3. Just don't pull her down into your wheelchair and expect to get away with it! hehehee. Good shot!

  4. Low blow GG. That's gonna cost you laundry privileges for a week.

  5. GG aka "Ethel" is actually refering to a experience I had with a man in a wheel chair who grabbed two big handfulls of my butt.

    I turned around and gave him a dirty look and he said, "Hey I'm in a wheel chair." and I replied with, "Do you want to be paralized from the lips down? No? Then get your hands off my ass!"

    He laughed and wheeled himself off... lol... I mean come on, I don't care who you are - hands off the goods unless you're invited!

  6. Ack! Nooo, don't withold the laundry! Truly it was a reference to the story she posted above and not a reference to your age LB.

  7. Love the T!! OK... I feel like a perv only commenting on the pics. LOL. I do read the articles, promise!!

    Hugs to you. (and no, it's not just to get a bra-less chest squeezed against me) ;)

  8. lol, he reads for the articles....classic.