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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pretty Girl...

I wish I was "pretty". I have moments when I feel attractive, but I am certainly not everyone's vision of beauty. I'm 5'10" to begin with. I'm not dainty, and the last word anyone would choose to describe me is delicate. I am not fashionably thin, nor am I busty or plush as Ethel likes to say. I am just in the middle... Average.

I rarely feel feminine. I work in an industrial automotive shop. I wear jeans and thermal shirts (no heat in the shop, only a wood stove, it's freaking freezing out there). I have long nails, but a manicure is a waste of time and money... And I don't have soft hands.

I have long, thick, nearly black hair... No highlights, no drama. I wish I had beautiful hair, all I can say for mine is that it's thick and healthy. I would say the same for my neighbor's German Sheppard...

I don't have any striking or unique features except for my very long legs, which cause my height. I have large hands, large feet, and am in general a "Sarah Plain and Tall" type character.

I wish I was pretty. I wish I was delicate and graceful. I wish I was more than average.

I feel like, were I to describe myself as a color, I would be beige... I really dislike beige. I need to find some color, some kind of spark. I need to find some "pretty" before BLT figures out he can do better!


  1. How long as BLT been in your life? Is he still there?

    Being pretty isn't about the job you have, the clothes or shoes. I wish I was more of this or that too, but you gotta do with what you have! Get a few colorful clothes and find a way to enhance your best assets.

    Oh, keep your chin high and smile. :)

  2. Beige? Really? Huh. You are so NOT beige. I always think of you as vibrant and bold. Your emotions are so not "ho hum", you are passionate and all in no matter what the emotion is. You are funny and outgoing which I would never associate with beige.

    Sure, you work hard but that doesn't negate your only adds to your personality.

    It doesn't matter what society's idea of beauty is. You are beautiful on the inside and outside to me.

  3. Ask BLT what HE thinks about your prettiness. Anything he finds pretty, don't mess with.

    Ant then there's what GG said too. Take it to the bank.

    And I have no clue what you look like (except for that bit in the Dante's T shirt) and I think you're a beautiful person. All 5'10" of you.

  4. All I've seen are the couple of pics you have posted and I liked what I saw.

    From what I have read here, you have true beauty on the inside as well and that makes the outside even more beautiful.

    No need to worry about BLT...