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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today I was an after thought...

And you know what? It sucks...

No cards, no flowers, no recognition that it's mothers day.

I'm ready for the day to just be over.


  1. You aren't an after thought to me. I look forward to hangin with you on Sundays. Coffee while it rains outside is the best gift you gave me today.

    I know it all hurts intentional or not. But I know they love you.

  2. Oh no. :( You're never an afterthought!

    Happy Mother's Day sweets.

  3. You can't be an afterthought. I stopped in yesterday, saw your post and could think of nothing to say that would change anything. Just don't let the oversight of Sunday affect your feelings for your girls or BLT.

  4. My daughter had to be reminded it was Mother's Day. Then I get home from working an 8 hour day and she was sick. I had to nurse and sick kid and clean up vomit. Happy Mother's Day.