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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Conversations with the kid...

Inspired by QT Mama, I bring you "Conversations With The Kid".  A collection of recent conversations with my 8 year old.

TNT:  Grandma... is Papa or BLT here tonight?

Grandma:  No honey, it's just us girls tonight

TNT: COOL... we can watch movies, hang out in in our underwear... *giggle* AND GET TATTOOS!

TNT: Mommy I don't want to eat the tomatoes, I don't like them.

Mom:  Come on, they're good for you...  They'll make your boobies grow!

TNT: I don't want boobies... I just want nipples!

BLT:  Come here and brush your hair, you look like a little hobo!

TNT: I'm not a Hobo.  I'm Home Free

Lady in the grocery store:  Oh what a cute stuffed kitty you have there!

TNT:  Don't stare at her, she's going Comando today!!

Yes folks... my kid is weird.


  1. She sounds like my kind of kid.

    We used to tell our boys that eating their veggie would grow hair on their chest. Due to family genetics, that hasn't really happened yet. They're in their mid 20's. Hope your girls have better luck with their adolescent growth spurts . . .

  2. I love that kid! She is my very special tattoo havin, wild haired, home free girl.

  3. Hahaha! That's all kinds of awesome. Good stuff!

    They make life all the more interesting, don't they?

  4. Heheheheh ... I want yours to meet mine! Can you imagine the conversations??