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Friday, April 22, 2011

Things you never want to see at the Goodwill

The other day Ethel and I were joking about things you just don't want to see for sale at the thrift store. It got me thinking of some of my recent bargain hunting trips and the truly odd, useless, and just yucky stuff you can find. 

Sex Toys, Lube, Massage Oils and other adult play things - Really this is just self explainatory.

Lingerie - Scary, but we actually see this all the time.  Like anyone wants used skivvies, just EWW.

BAAAAD Art - While it's true beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some stuff is just so ugly it's trash worthy, no way around it. 

Dot matrix printers - yes I actually saw one.  I mean who is going to use that?

Depends or Toiletries - these items aren't that expensive.  I can't imagine buying half a bottle of lotion that's God only knows how old, or a package of six tampons.  And used combs and hairbrushes? Another YUCK, thank you very much.

Mismatched shoes - yep, I was in a small, independantly owned thrift store once and they were selling bags of mis matched shoes.  HUH?  I mean, if I was one legged maybe that would be quite the bargain, but as I have been blessed with two feet I kind of like to wear shoes in a matched set!

Last, but not least...  Yes I found this once...

Dentures.  Yep...  someone else's teeth.   They were in a little box.  I don't think whoever priced the box realized they were in there, because the dope fiends that price things at my local thrift stores would charge WAY more than the 2.99 they were asking for the box had they known there were some primo canines and molars inside.  I mean, they ask five bucks for a shirt from Walmart that only cost six dollars brand new... teeth with some nice yellow staining have to be worth at least 10.00 right?

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  1. You've got me beat with the dentures. The best one was still that gigantic spider in the outlet bin. I so rarely hear you scream like a littl girl.