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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Lawyer and the Landlord

I hired a new lawyer today.  She's pretty fierce -  kinda scary actually.  She's perfect!  She also understands that I'm broke, and she asked for a micro-scopic retainer.   We've decided that our best course of action at this point is inaction.  We've receive no summons to appear in court - the Order of Protection for the kids is in full effect still, and I have full custody with no change in sight.  We are not going to do a thing.  I don't want anything from him other than to be left alone - so we will wait and see how he proceeds.  Should I be contacted again by his slimy dirt bag lawyer then my council will take over.  Should we receive a summons we will respond accordingly.

I feel good about this tactic.  You see my X makes lots, LOTS of threats and noise... but he only acts on a quarter of what he spews forth.  So there is a good chance that he's doing just that, making noisy threats.  If it becomes more than that then we have a plan of attack and my lawyer knows what my end goals are in regards to the kids.  So I'm totally broke now, all of my meager savings went into the retainer...but it was worth it.  A fresh set of eyes on my case, a solid plan, and someone located closer to home to handle everything.  WHEWWWW is that a load off my mind.

I'm happy to report that the yearly inspection with my landlord was a success.  My rent went up 200.00 since she found out BLT moved in, and honestly she had lowered it for me when I was raising four kids on a single income. That increase is going to be hard on the budget, but there's nothing we can do about it.  So the new lease is signed and we got permission to put raised garden beds in the back yard.  The kids and I are looking forward to getting these in as soon as possible.  I would love to get some fruits and veggies planted, as well as sunflowers and some herbs for cooking.

It's been a good couple of days, but exhausting ones.  I ended up working on Sunday to get caught up on some big orders at work.  I'm ready for a weekend... and it's only Monday!


  1. I'm glad that you went ahead and got another lawyer. I think this is going to make a huge difference for you in this entire process. :)

  2. Great news about the new lawywer! I think thats the best plan for you too. Hopefully he is just blowing smoke and will do nothing. We just got our beds ready last weekend. Started plants from seed and have them all ready to plan. Hopefully this weekend.

  3. Good move with the lawyer. It's encouraging that you two are starting out on the same page strategy wise too. I'd like to think that X will run out of energy at some point and stop with the harassment. (Not holding my breath tho . . .)

    Long weekend coming!!! Boy - could we all use it!

  4. It IS good news about your new lawyer! And I am sincerely hoping you don't have to use her!!

    I wish you could grow bacon in your garden. OR VODKA!