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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Window of opportunity

I've been thinking a lot about letting my kids have one last sleep over with their paternal grandparents.  On one hand it makes me terribly nervous, but on the other hand I realize that with the X getting out of jail in sixty odd days the window of opportunity for them to spend an lengthy amount of time together is rapidly closing.

On one hand it makes me uncomfortable - we are not on good speaking terms.  There's been a lot of "rule breaking" from my X's Drama Momma in regards to discussing the X with the kids.  However, I also believe my kids when they said that she followed all the rules and everthing I requested of her when I allowed the kids to go over for the day in December to celebrate Christmas.  I think that after my intense and forcefull phone call, and not getting to see the kids for a month she's finally figured out that if she wants access to them she keeps her damn fool mouth shut.

The kids have been asking, and when the X gets out in March he'll be living with the inlaws...which means that none of us will be able to go within a football field lengh of their house. Due to the restraining orders we won't be calling them either, and the won't be allowed to know our new phone number for our own safety.

Contact with the kids will be very limited and difficult to arrange while he's living there.  I want to give the kids one last chance for some special grandparent time - I just hope I don't regret it later.


  1. I think it is very nice of you to consider it and if the kids are asking for it...things must've gone well at Christmas. I have questions :). I'll talk to ya soon.

  2. Such a difficult choice to make. The fact that you're even considering it speaks to your character. Do what feels like the best decision for you and your family.