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Saturday, January 1, 2011

He Cries

Twice this past week I saw BLT cry. He wasn't ashamed, or weird about it. He doesn't have any hang ups about expressing emotions when it's appropriate and I love him all the more because of it.

The first time we were watching the Disney movie Up. The first 15 minutes of that movie make him cry a little bit. He looked at me and said, "what do you want, you would have to be a sadist for that not to break your heart baby!"

The second time he cried was when we left for home. BLT has a daughter, and a complicated shared custody arrangement with her maternal grand parents because the mother isn't fit - or interested in parenting. She is less than three years old, and he doesn't get to see her nearly as much as he would like. She's come up here, he travels down there as often as he can... but being two states away from her tears him up. When we left she started to cry, and he started to cry, and I started to cry for all of us. It's not an ideal situation - but it is what it is, and for now we can't change it.

My heart breaks for him, and at the same time it feels so full when I think about how lucky I am to have him in my life. Some day we'll get the Fraggle up here and we'll be a complete family. Then he'll have a lot less to be sad about. It's something I want very much to happen for him - for all of us really.


  1. CBG has cried a couple of times in our two years's always so sweet to see him express his feelings that way. It's such a healthy thing to be able to do that....

  2. My Thunderpants is a big crier, and I included this into my vows when we got married: I love being with a man who's brave enough to show his feelings, in tears and laughter.