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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The things we'll do for our children...

I prepped the kids for at least two weeks before we went to see Santa on Friday night.  I thought I knew what they would ask the big guy to bring them.  See - I made the mistake of setting it up so that each year the kids asked Santa for the one thing they wanted most, and I made sure they got it.  In the past it's always been easy to obtain items for the most part.

This year the Chef asked for art supplies.  Lady Bug wants an electric guitar.  TNT took my suggestion and asked Santa for a surprise ( because "Santa" found a screaming deal on a huge, soft Teddy Bear so this works perfectly).  Last but not least was Monkey Pants who was saying for weeks, and being encouraged by mommy, to ask for a Silvermist Doll - said Silvermist doll being already purchased and well hidden. 

The kids hop up on Santa's lap and sure enough - "art supplies please", "an electric guitar would rock!", "I love you Santa, bring me a surprise!" and then it's Monkey Pants' turn.  What does the kid ask for?  "Santa, I was really good so I want a Go Go Walking Puppy, a blue one!"

WHAT?  That wasn't the plan!  I've spent my allotted holiday budget and I certainly did not purchase a Go Go Walking Puppy! What's a mom to do?  Of course I go online and look for the Go Go puppy.  Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us all sold out.  Perseverance pays off however and I find one at a local Walmart store.

Well last night Monkey Pants informs me, very seriously, that she asked for a BLUE go go puppy, and that Santa is magic and can do anything.  GREAT... okay...  So here's my plan;  said Go Go puppy is going to be smuggled to work with mom on Friday after I drop the kids off at Daycare.  Grandma and I are going to get a misting bottle and some pretty blue Rit Dye.  We'll mist down the doggy and fluff with an ionic hair dryer on a cool setting.  Then a big blue satin ribbon tied around it's little electronic neck and Voila... Blue Go Go Walking Puppy.

Whew... the things we'll go through for our kids.  I'm bringing a teddy bear from the house this week to practice my misting technique on before I try my hand at coloring her Santa gift.  Wish me luck!


  1. Okay, literally laughed out loud. Good luck with the blue dye!!!


  2. GOOD LUCK !
    My kids are well over the age of "Santa" but if you ask them... they still believe...
    "if you don't believe in Santa, then Santa presents stop coming... ( much cheaper ) LOL

    Happy Holiday's!!

  3. Dude. You ROCK. I would so make up a story as to why Santa can't do everything...

  4. Yikes. Good luck with that! I hope it works out!! lol

  5. This is an awe inspiring attempt. But - I wonder what the dog's fur is made of. Will the dye 'take' to synthetic material?

    Better prep a "plan B"

  6. Well I ended up purchasing a type of powder dye near the tye dye kits that says "permanent" and "fast setting"

    I'm going to snip off a tiny piece of hair from the underside where it won't be noticed and mist it as a test patch.

    If it sets then I'll add a fine mist to the whole puppy - wish me luck!

  7. It worked really well! Puppy is so pretty, and a soft baby blue color.

    Thanks for all the well wishes, I'm happy to report it was a success!