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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I put on my big girl panties...

I did it. I put on my big girl panties, and made the call I have been dreading for months.

It would be far to simple to say that it was uncomfortable. To start with I'm on day three of a terrible stomach flu. In between bouts of violently throwing up I worked up the courage and made the call.

It was not well received. There were tears, there were inappropriate questions that I refused to answer.

I'm proud of myself. I stood up for myself and the girls and made sure that they knew the ONLY reason I even bothered to tell them was that I didn't want the girls to have to lie / mislead / avoid questions etc.

The first question they had was, "Is he a cop or something?" That struck me as odd, but I simply said no he wasn't. Then his mother asked; "So is he older than you... or your age?" I told her that BLT is younger than me by a few years. LOL, her reply was classic; "oh...REALLY?? Um well good for you then I guess."

About ten minutes after we hung up they called back and asked if this new significant other is, "that guy from California" apparently this information was necessary for them to determine how they were going to inform the X. One part of me wanted to tell them it was none of their business, but I figured I was already letting them know about the living situation, and they would find out soon enough so I told them that yes, my live in boyfriend is in fact "that guy from California".

This was what really tossed them over the edge. I don't think we'll be talking again any time soon. They both feel this is just too soon. They're hurt. WTF? How can two people totally outside of the situation be hurt by me moving on with my life? Get a grip... this has nothing to do with you two. Trust me, when I'm snuggled in bed at night in BLT's arms I'm certainly not thinking about my former in-laws!

So it's done. I have no idea what kind of fall-out we're going to have. X may just haul me into court. He may file false claims with child protection services to cause trouble. He may decide to have me followed by private investigators...again... His mother was going to pay for Monkey Pants to go to full time Kindy this next year. I fully expect that to be cut off, I'm just hoping I can figure out a way to pay for it since she's already registered.

So once again, life is up in the air and I'm feeling on edge. I hate just waiting for the other shoe to drop. However I did what I felt was right, so I'm not going to second guess my decision or beat myself up for it. I'm glad they finally know and the kids no longer have to be secretive.


  1. Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties and your grown up heels!

  2. I think you made the right choice because it was what felt right to you. Hang in there. If monies are witheld because of your living situation it is just further proof of how small and silly some people really are.

  3. Bravo! Absolutely the right choice. As long as you maintain the high road in all of this, you have nothing to fear. Don't let them push your buttons!

  4. Good for you!! Now, you have nothing else you have to do for them, right? Live for you now. I think you did good.

    Feel better soon!

  5. Thanks all... it is in fact a huge weight off my shoulders.

    No matter what the fall out is, the girls and I are better off with everything out in the open.

  6. It's odd to me that they even feel they have a right to how you raise their grandchildren, while their son is in jail!

    Like he's this what, stellar father?

    You absolutely did the right thing sweetness, and I too, am proud of you!