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Friday, July 8, 2011

Happiness, Take II

This weekend will be BLT and my second anniversary. 

Wow - two years and he's still here?  I jokingly asked him if he realized I had FOUR kids... that none of them really belonged to the neighbors even if they did spend half their time over there! He said he was aware... so what can I do? The damn fool, LOL!

I think my oldest, Chef, summed it up well.  Chef and I went for a walk last week and during a semi serious conversation where Chef asked me why I had stayed married to the X for so many years when he wasn't nice to us (wow, was that a hard one to put into words... sometimes I don't know myself.  That was a pretty deep, honest conversation to have with your teenager)  Shortly after that conversation Chef said, "BLT must REALLY love you mom, cause uh.. well we're just a lot."  lol... Chef didn't elaborate on what we (the four kids and I) were a lot of.  I think it's just that we're a lot of everything in general!  LOL... a lot of noise, expense, emotions and work.  We're a lot of energy and on occasion having so many females in one house means we are a lot of drama.  Yep we're "a lot" to be sure.

So here we are... two years after starting our relationship, over seven years as friends.  I can't think of anywhere else I would want to be, or anyone else I would want to be with.  I'm very lucky to have a second chance at happiness.


  1. You are "a lot". A lot of really good things :).

    I'm so happy for ya!

  2. What a perfect post to be engaged the very next day!

    Very happy for all of you!

  3. Awh, this is a great post you lucky girl!