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Friday, July 29, 2011

Things I've learned this week

This was a ... hmm...  odd week.  Odd sums it up.  It was stressful, and busy, and we've all been a bit cranky.  We've had some personnel changes at work that were difficult, and we're all pulling a few extra hours to cover our collective asses.

This week I've learned the following:

1. My father can be a passive aggressive ass.
2. One should do everything in their power to never sneeze while brushing their teeth.
3. A certain government agency will not only do their job incorrectly and blame you for it, but they'll instruct you in a very snotty way as to how YOU are responsible for their screw up, and what steps you should take next time to ensure they do their job correctly... so as to save them all some aggravation with you...
4. If your purse is stolen, and your concealed carry permit is inside of it, it will take a small mountain of paperwork to replace it.  It only took one form to get said permit the first time... but replacing it, due to no fault of your own, takes an act of congress.
5. My mother can be a passive aggressive she-devil in response to the above mentioned passive aggressive father figure.  The maternal unit, however, is more creative.  She haz skillz... and thus 35 years of happily married co-existence continues.
6. A bulldog with gas can clear out a room in less than 5 seconds. 
7. No matter how much you love a very expensive pair of silk panties... if the elastic at the waist gives out you have to toss them.  No way to save em, don't try... just bid them a fond farewell and toss em.  Otherwise you're playing Grip and Wiggle all day as they shift, shimmy, slip, and reorient themselves in uncomfy places.

*Sigh...*  So that was my week. 

Tell me what YOU learned this week!


  1. I learned that 36 year old DD breasts don't look great in a shelf bra made for perky, nubile breasts. They just look kinda silly and sad...not sure that ordering the proper size online would make that much difference. However, I still have other silky weapons of mass destruction at my disposal and I'm not afraid to use them ;).

  2. Hahaha! I love GG's comment!

    I learned that fear of moving forward has been holding me back in lots of different ways. Awareness helps, right?