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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Girls will be girls

My oldest two girls both wanted to dye their hair.  I've been saying no for quite a while now, but I decided what the heck.

They want to express their individuality a bit...  so here we are.

One with dark cherry red/burgundy color all over and the other with bright fuchsia streaks in her dark hair. I don't love either one, but the girls seem excited about it.

And what the heck... It's only hair.  I did it for them myself so all it cost me was 20 bucks and a couple hours of my time tonight.  We had a few glitches, as I am not a trained hair stylist, but we figured it all out with a little patience and in the end, no harm - no foul.  Now lets see how long it lasts before they want something new. 

I may have started something here, girls can be fickle creatures...  but at least they're happy for now!


  1. Will have to come out at some point because Anna wants her blue touched up :). You know, now that you've got it all figured out!

  2. Maybe it'll be like that forbidden fruit thing - you only want it because you can't have it. When you DO get it, you find out it wasn't quite as terrific as you thought.

    That or your girls are going to be sporting some wild hair colors for a few years. How about holiday themed colors?

    And seriously? I'll consider getting a pic of the bike shorts/tux combo. It's such an odd pairing, it may make a good profile picture!