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Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's Gather Round the Ol' Campfire!

I'm excited! We are heading out camping with the kids for the very first time.  It should be fun! I really hope they like it, because it's something BLT and I want to do on a regular basis, and listening to whining, disgruntled kids is about as much fun as sticking  a spork in your own eye!

So we've packed our cooler, rolled up our sleeping bags, and borrowed a tent from Ethel.

What a good friend Ethel is too, she agreed to watch my two idiot dogs for the weekend, boy oh boy do I owe her one now!

Wish us luck and fair weather!


  1. Kids one weekend....dogs the next. Oh yeah, I'm workin on callin in the favor. Just need to figure out where and when to go.

  2. You need to find someplace nice for a little weekend trip! Let me chill with the kiddies and Corona :)

    Westport was fantastic, maybe you could find someone warm and manly to go camping with too!