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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quirks... I has em...

I'll be honest- I am aware that I have, shall we say, Quirks. 

I can only stand one kind of hangers in my clothing closet.

All of my clothes are organized by color, tank tops followed by short sleeves, followed by long sleeves.  Anything out of place bugs the hell out of me.

When I load the dishwasher I separate all the silverware into their own areas of the basket.  Forks together, butter knives, small spoons, etc  I tell myself it's because it makes it easier to put it away when it's clean...but honestly I just like how orderly it looks.

My towels in the linen closet are folded with military precision (but I could care less about the sheets... weird I know)  It is one of the simple joys in Ethel's life to come and refold a few of my towels just to make me twitch.  I know, I know....  it's fun to mess with the anal retentive, I can't blame her. 

I have food texture issues.  I don't eat anything slimy.  No jello, no pudding, no cream pies etc.  I HATE anything squishy.  I don't eat seafood (allergies), I prefer all meat removed from the bone, I can't choke down iced or even room temperature coffee - it has to be very hot, and last but not least I detest cream sauces, tempura, white gravy, and cottage cheese.

The only part of my body that is ticklish is my back, it's also my biggest erogenous zone.  A finger lightly run up my spine makes me swoon.  A kiss on the shoulder blade and I'm all yours.  People have accidentally touched my back in a crowd and made me groan out loud (that can be embarrassing...)

I refuse to wear ugly shoes for comfort.  I would rather ache all day and wear cute shoes.  I'm very tall and I adore my stiletto heels.  I consider it my job as a woman to extend some effort to look nice for my man on a daily basis.  Vain?  Sure.  I'm okay with that.

I will only wear matching bra and pantie sets.  I only buy things in sets and will not mix and match.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lingerie and take great pride in my pretty matching sets.  Like shoes... I just see no reason for any female under the age of 80 to wear cotton panties you can purchase in a bulk pack.  No way, never, uh uhhh  No self respecting woman should buy panties that come in a plastic package. There is something exquisitely feminine about opening that box and pulling aside the tissue to see your lacy bits of girlyness waiting for you.

Lastly... It's silly I know, but I can't sleep with the closet door open.  I don't care what anyone says, there are monsters in there....

So fess up... what are YOUR weird quirks? 


  1. My, what interesting quirks you have! I'll fess up with my own, but it may be a week till I get back around to it.

  2. Quirks? Not me! Heheheheh. My closet door must be closed as well or it freaks me out, definately monsterville in there.

  3. One that I frequently get picked on about is the fact that I hate sitting at restaurant tables where there is booth seating on one side and chairs on another.

    Weird, huh?

    It's really fun to share these with my man too. We laugh our asses off. :)

  4. I have to admit I've been reading your page for awhile (I love it btw!!:)) and I share MANY of the same quirks as you do, it's uncanny.

    I don't know how one gets tested for OCD but I've always said I have a mild form of it and I cannot stand clutter and I love love love things organized. Makes it so much more simple when trying to find things. Put things back in their "spot" and life will not come to a crashing halt.

    :) Nice to finally say hello to you, I'm Lindsay

  5. Hey Lindsay, it's fantastic to 1. know I'm not alone, and 2. to meet you!

    Thanks for reading!