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Sunday, February 13, 2011

How about this...

My personal opinion on Valentine's Day is that I would MUCH rather have someone who is nice to me in little, sweet ways all the time than someone who waits and lets me know they love me once a year. Like some expensive piece of jewelry shaped like a heart makes up for all the times you said mean things, didn't follow through with your promises, and in general let me down.

My former husband was great at big, lavish, ass-kissing gestures once or twice a year.  I guess he figured that was enough to keep him out of the dog house.  Well it wasn't.  Because you see the thing is he treated me like crap the rest of the year.  He made these lavish gestures like diamond bracelets and then if I wasn't appreciative in the way he thought I should be, or if I didn't gush he would get mad.  Gifts ALWAYS had strings attached, and towards the end of our marriage it got to the point where I didn't ask for anything - then I just told him NOT to give me gifts because I didn't like the games that came along with them.

Things with BLT are so different.  I doubt he's gotten me anything for Valentines Day - he's been working a ton (and remember we work together so it's not like I don't know where he is all week LOL), and then he left and will be out of town on Monday.  Honestly I am totally, 100% okay with that.  He's staying home next week to take care of me after a minor surgical procedure.  He is so kind in so many little ways on a daily basis that I don't feel the need for a token to prove it.

So I say the hell with this supposed "holiday".  How about this... lets all spend the whole year making our significant others feel loved and appreciated and tell the jewelers and the chocolatiers to kiss our butts on February 14th!