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Thursday, February 24, 2011

mZ E honored me with my first bloggy love award...

So thank you, thank you Miss mZ E for passing on the blog love!

The rules state that I share 7 things about myself... so here we go... These are random bits of Little Ol' Me:

1. I LOVE... I mean LOVE red velvet cake.  If you can add some white chocolate shavings to it I'll be your slave.

2.  I've always wanted to buy a vintage VW hippy van.  Teal or yellow if possible.  I want to drive it around and get my thrift on at flea markets, filling up my hippy van with vintage treasures.

3.  I really like to sleep in the sun... nude.  There is something amazing about feeling the sun's rays warming your entire body. 

4.  My all time favorite song is Brown Eyed Girl

5. The sexiest part of a man, in my opinion, has to be either his lips or the small of his back.  Two spots I find especially delicious.

6. I want to visit NYC more than any other place in the US.  I want to go in winter and ice skate in Rockafeller Center, I want to see the big Christmas Tree and eat a hot dog from a street vendor. I want to ride the subway and visit Times Square.

7.  If I could afford it I would have plastic surgery.  I want to have a tummy tuck (after four kids and loosing a bunch of weight I'm not happy with my stomach AT ALL.  If I could find a surgeon who would let me pay on the "forever payment plan" I would do it in a heart beat.  I would have this done for myself, as I think it would make me more secure in my body.

Now to pick some of my favorite bloggers to pass on the love to:

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So there you go... some blog love for me.  Some silly facts you didn't know, and some blog loves in return for a few of my favorite writers.

Pass on the lovin' folks....


  1. *high five* I'm with you on question#2! I saw a van like that earlier this week and I had a thought to ma self about how I would really push that around! LOL! They are so cute and cozy-like that I would be really getting around to some places! *smile* Thanks for the Love, btw.

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  3. Aww geeze, 7 random little tidbits to share? Soon as I'm back up to speed here. BTW, on #3 - I'm with ya - need more of it in fact.

    Times Square is a blast. Some of the best people watching in the country there.

  4. Thanks for the love! Hopefully I can post soon.

    Thinking about you. Hope all is ok.