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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Highly Recommend...

JimmyJane massage candle, Bourbon scent. 

It's divine, melts to the perfect temperature, doesn't smell to "girly", in fact it smells sexy as hell, and it has a burn time of over 30 hours per candle!

BLT and I are thoroughly enjoying a kid free weekend.  As he will be out of town on Valentines Day I decided to surprise him with  a weekend of adult pleasures.  After a trip to our local adult store we're both very pleased with this purchase.

If you're looking for a great Valentine's gift I highly recommend one of these.  Either for the Missus or the Mister it's a very sweet, thoughtful, sexy gift... especially when it comes with the massage!


  1. I haven't tried the Jimmy Jane brand but have had success with other massage oil candles. Good idea for a gift!

  2. Ooooooo... I love that idea! Bourbon scent? Hells to the YEAH!

    I'm sure it was a great weekend. ;)